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"You’ve always wanted to catch the big ones … now get out and Catch ‘em with a Makka"

makka For nearly 3 decades, Makka Metal Spoon Lures and Wobblers have made lure fishing for Mackerel simple, in fact, you’ll catch so many fish - it’s embarrassing!

While being a perfect Mackerel Lure, these lures are also great for Barramundi, Tailor, Kingfish, Samson fish, Amberjack, all Salmon species, Wahoo, Queen Fish, Cobia and more. The correct spelling of our lures is Makka Lures not Macca Lures .

Try our Metal Lures also on Albacore and Yellow fin, you’ll find they are one of the most productive lures you’ve ever trolled, and they’re still the cheapest and longest lasting lure available.

Being 30% heavier you’ll have no problems getting your Makka Metal Lure down to where the fish are, and fast … they make jigging a breeze!

The Metal Spoon Lures single hook makes it easier for you to remove the fish without using pliers, and there’s no dangerous treble hooks to worry about.

There’s no need for wire trace, just use a swivel on the lure and a lot of speed in retrieving. The fish will swim up from behind and strike – just hold on!

Makka Paravanes The best invention since the fish hook. Go deeper…Go faster…Go to where the fish are. Use one of our revolutionary stainless-steel Makka Paravanes today and fish like a professional. They are long lasting and virtually indestructible!

To set up your new hand-crafted Paravane just attach about 10 to 12m of 100lb mono trace to the base plate using a swivel, and on the end of the trace tie your Makka Spoon using a swivel. The swivels will reduce the twist in your leader.

You should also use a couple of metres of heavy leader from your braid to your Paravane, and then tie this leader onto the large brass ring on the Paravane. This will help prevent the loss of your gear should you get too close to a pylon or a snag.

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