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About Us

IMPACT has a variety of social enterprises which help us generate income. Our social enterprises are run like businesses with the aim of using any surplus funds generated to reinvest in the social services we deliver to the most vulnerable members of our community.

Our social enterprises take many forms like production of these Makka Lure products you are researching, to production of exotic preserves, car detailing and commercial cleaning and maintenance activities.

These businesses are managed and run by permanent staff with professional expertise in the business they manage. The businesses also provide employment opportunities for the people IMPACT supports who may benefit from working in a supported work environment, or who may need to develop work skills and confidence before transitioning to work in the local labour market.

Social enterprises prove that social and environmental responsibility can be combined with financial success. They foster our “can-do” attitude and are able to help people who are having difficulty finding and sustaining meaningful employment. At the same time our social enterprise raises the standards for ethical business and corporate social responsibility.

Makka Lures are manufactured and packaged by people with a disability who would otherwise not be able to sustain work in the open labour market. Makka Lure workers are proud of the quality of the product they produce and are committed to the highest standard of workmanship.

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